• Anti-COVID-19 Donations

    ​Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020, the grim situation has drawn great attention from all sectors of society. As a private enterprise in the field of medical and health care, Baheal Medical has fulfilled its health mission and cooperates with Shanghai Charity Foundation Weiai Angel Fund, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Japan Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other institutions to provide care to medical institutions, front-line medical workers and their families with help, Baheal Medical has donated products and anti-epidemic materials worth nearly 10 million yuan.

    In addition to public donation, Baheal Medical actively practices its social responsibility. During the epidemic, the workers in the logistics wholesale and retail pharmacies of Baheal Medical have always been committed to the front-line positions, ensuring the supply of epidemic materials, protecting people's health and contributing to winning the battle against COVID-19.

  • Donation to Flooded Areas of Henan

    ​In July 2021, when torrential rain caused floods in Henan province, Motuoyaozhuang,a subsidiary of Baheal Medical, together with women's public welfare organizations such as Women and Children's Foundation, Women and Children's Development Foundation, Women's Federation and " Stand by her ", donated a total of 3 million yuan of women's care materials to Henan province.