• Brand Introduction:

    Originated from an important invention made in a Japanese medical laboratory, the micro-needle eye mask applying the "transdermal drug delivery technology” enables the users to enjoy medical-grade care services at home. Medical evidences show that it is safe and effective, and users do not need to worry about trauma, pain, escharosis and reconstruction. With more than 40 patents, it has a high efficacy despite of simple ingredients, which can effectively relieve the symptoms such as dark circles, fine lines around the eyes, etc.

  • Brand Introduction:

    This cosmetic product is developed by Sato, a leading brand of medical skin care in Japan. It features the unique basal repair components, and the use of DDS drug slow-release osmosis technology, Sato’s exclusive ointment technology, and plant essence extraction and mixing technology. It enables the skin care from base, which can explore the potential of skin cells, and exude a healthy beauty from inside to outside.


  • Brand Introduction:

    TRANSINO is a comprehensive skin care brand under Daiichi Sankyo. It specializes in the improvement of "tranexamic acid" for melanin and pigmentation problems and re-deconstructs the definition of skin "whitening" from 6 dimensions.

  • Indications:

    Nourishes qi, nourishes yin, and calms the mind. It is used for fatigue caused by deficiency of qi and Yin, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, lack of qi and lazy speech, dizziness, hot flashes, night sweats, tinnitus and forgetfulness, irritability and insomnia.


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