Management Team
  • Fu Gang
    Chairman President
    Mr. Fu Gang is a famous investor in China's health industry, graduated from Clinical Medicine Department of Peking University Health Science Center, EMBA of Renmin University of China, and served as a doctor of Beijing Railway Hospital and the vice president of marketing of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group. He founded Baheal Pharma Group in 2005 and has served as the chairmen since then.
  • Zhu Xiaowei
    Director Vice President
    Responsible for company's procurement, production and digital supply chain business. Mr. Zhu has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and business management in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked in Lanzhou University School of Pharmacy, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group, Haiyao and other enterprises and institutions. He is currently the director of Baheal Pharma Group, chairman of Baheal Pharma, chairman of Sundise.
  • Wang Guoqiang
    Director ,Vice President ,Chief Financial Officer ,Secretary of the Board
    Responsible for corporate finance, compliance and secretary business. Mr. Wang has more than 20 years of management experience in finance, investment and operation in the pharmaceutical field. He has served successively as marketing finance director, sales management director and deputy general manager of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group. He is also director of Baheal Pharma Group and executive partner of Tianjin Qingzheng.
  • Zhang Yuan
    Vice President
    Responsible for managing multiple brand divisions of the company, including bone health, digestion, chronic diseases, OTX and other therapeutic areas. Ms. Zhang has successively served as director of OTC drug marketing department, director of public relations management department and director of Baheal US investment.She has been engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years, and has extensive experience in category definition, brand planning, marketing management, and digital transformation.
  • Wang Biquan
    Vice President
    Responsible for the company's innovative drug commercialization business. Ms. Wang has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales management in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field of new specialty drugs.She has successively served as the director of the prescription drug marketing department, oncology department, and liver disease department of Bristol-Myers Squibb China.
  • Wang Tingwei
    Vice President
    Responsible for business development of the company. Mr. Wang has 20 years of experience in health management, medical services and commercial operation. Prior to Baheal, he served as commercial head of GBI China. He had also acted as different roles in Thomson Reuters, China Pharmaceutical Association etc.
  • Li Zhenyu
    President Assistant General Manager of Cosmeceuticals Division
    Responsible for Cosmeceuticals and international business. Mr. Li has more than 10 years of experience in public relations and sales management in the field of medicine and health.He has served as a senior executive of well-known public relations companies such as Open2Europe, Open2China, and Inuance.