• ​In 2022, D-Cal donated child masks, calcium tablets and other daily supplies to the "Family Cabin" of Shanghai New International Expo Center.
  • In 2020, D-Cal's public welfare activities of "National Bone Health Leading Plan" were carried out in more than 30 provinces and more than 200 cities, holding 200 large-scale public relations activities and 4,000 community free diagnosis activities, covering about 1.2 million people. Through a variety of interesting interactive ways, can be valuable, content, professional bone health knowledge effectively transmitted to consumers, to help them consolidate bone health, early prevention of bone di
  • In 2019, D-Cal launched the public welfare project " China Children's Height Promotion Plan • Raise the Backbone of the Future" again. The project has won the support of many stars and media, and invited authoritative experts at home and abroad to issue " China Children's Height Promotion Plan • Children Spinal Health Management Manual", and distributed more than 1 million copies to maternal and child health centers and free of charge centers all over the country. At the same time, the project h
  • In 2018, D-Cal brand continues to focus on children's growth, focusing on children's future career development. D-Cal, together with The China Children and Teenagers Foundation, has launched height promotion programs in more than 1,000 urban communities across the country, providing height promotion services for children, helping parents pay attention to their children's height, scientifically managing their height as soon as possible, and preventing their height from becoming a stumbling block
  • In 2016, the Healthy Growth Smart Sports series activities combined with online experts' evaluation suggestions and 13 offline segmental sports experience museums in China, the activity invited Professor Zhu Zonghan of Capital Pediatrics Research Institute and Chi Xia, member of the children's Health Care Group of the Pediatrics Branch of The Chinese Medical Association, to compile the "Segmental Sports Guidance Manual" for this activity. This activity aims to raise Chinese parents' attention to
  • In 2017, the annual public welfare activity "D-Cal • Growing Tall is not a Dream -- Chinese Children's Height Promotion Plan" launched by China Eugenic Science Association and D-Cal brand was launched in Beijing. The campaign aims to raise parents' awareness of height management for children and promote the growth of Chinese babies. Throughout the year, it covers more than 50 provinces and regions in China and enters 1000 urban communities, benefiting many families.